Visual Timers~ a great tool!

We are all in a hurry these days, and sometimes it is very hard to keep track of the time! Monitoring time can be especially difficult for children and adults with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. The concept of time is abstract; calculating elapsed time or estimating how long a task might take can be extremely difficult. Students can become confused by phrases such as “quarter after” or “five-till.” The increased use of digital clocks makes learning analog clocks difficult, especially when we consider the fractional elements of time (e.g. half hour)

A visual timer can be a very helpful tool to assist students with these issues. The timer can be set for a length of time which becomes highlighted in red. Students can then see the time elapsing as the red color disappears minute by minute. This helps students understand and manage time visually. Students with autism particularly respond to this, as they function well with visual cues. For students who are anxious, this can be a comforting tool. For example, a teacher can tell a student, “When the red time is gone, it will be time to find your mom in the lobby.” This helps the student see that the separation from parents is temporary.

Learn more about Visual Timers at  Be sure to read about visual timer watches as well as applications for computers, IPhones and IPods.

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