One Month of Pearl Diving!

This blog has been in existence for about a month now…thanks to each of you for stopping by to visit me! I wanted to give you a few bits of news that might be helpful as we move forward…

  • I’m hoping to add a “Q&A with Katie” feature soon…I’ve gotten a couple of great questions from readers, and I think the topics would benefit lots of folks. If you have a question or concern about your child, school, or church, please know you are welcome to share it here on the comment section, or privately via email ( No questions/information will be shared without your permission.
  • For those of you who are friends of Key Ministry, we’re excited to announce that our new website will be up and running in the next week or so~ We will have articles, blog links, interviews, videos and more…lots of resources that will hopefully edify your ministry and encourage you along the way! We’ll let you know when we “go live.” Stay tuned!
  • If you are in the Cleveland area, I’ll be doing a Key Ministry training with Rebecca Hamilton on August 16 at 6:30 pm. The topic…ADHD 101: Successfully Including Students with ADHD in Sunday School. Please message me if you would like to come!
  • For folks in the Cincinnati area, please join us for a training on September 1. Steve Grcevich and I be teaching a class called Including the Child with Aggressive Behavior in Church-Based Activities. Please email me if you’d like details on this.
  • I’ve got lots of posts in the pipeline…teaching tips, book recommendations, communication strategies, and more! I am also working on a series that will tell you about our family’s journey through the “special needs” process. I’d love to know what topics you would like me to cover, too, as you continue working with and raising kids… we’re all in this together. Please send your ideas!

This past week, a friend forwarded my “Pity Party” post to a mom she has only “met” through an online forum. Apparently, this mom was facing some issues similar to the ones I described in that post. I’ve thought a lot about that mom this week, and prayed that she will continue to find encouragement and support as she moves forward with her child. If you know people who might be encouraged by the resources or stories here on this blog, I’d be honored if you would share the web address or my email with them. It’s my heart’s desire that this blog will be part of the “Body building” we’ve talked about…and that God gets a great big standing ovation!

Happy Sunday~

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