We Interrupt This Series For an Update from Our House…

I’ve been absent for a few days, and I’m sorry~ I appreciate all of you who have continued to check in here! My plan was to add two or three more chapters to the “Unexpected Words” series this week, but, as I have learned, my plans are often thwarted by real life…

Annie had a complicated migraine on Saturday. Migraines have been a part of her life since her stroke. However “complicated migraines” can come with alarming neurological symptoms which, because of her history, need to be thoroughly checked. So, we headed to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital on Saturday afternoon. It’s amazing, after all these years, that my car seems to remember exactly what lane to be in when merging onto Cedar Hill.

It’s also amazing how raw the pain and panic are after all of these years. A headache is never “just a headache” for us…it always comes with questions and concerns, the weight of which fall on our shoulders and lead to more questions: “Do we take her in? Should we page the neurologist? Should we wait and see?” As I drove with Annie to the hospital, my heart hurt and my head worried. And, as I entered the ER, that strange comfort associated with the hospital washed over me…I’m not alone…I’m not in charge…the doctors will help us.

We spent several hours at Rainbow. Annie was assessed by the resident and the attending, and then had some IV fluids, as well as some rock-em sock-em pain and anti-nausea meds. The doctors reviewed her history with us to determine whether or not to scan her brain. Then, as symptoms started to resolve, we began to relax a bit. We watched a movie and got the giggles. We commented on the new foamy hand soap which smells SO much better than that pink soap they used to have. We cried a little as we reflected on how things were 11 years ago, and how being back in the hospital, no matter how routine, just plain hurts.

We arrived back home late Saturday night and all was well until Monday morning, when Annie started getting sick again. After a call, then a visit to the doctor, we were pretty sure she’d picked up the stomach flu at the ER. Then, on Tuesday morning, I woke up with the stomach flu. Because in our family, we share.

We’re on the mend, and we’re thankful for good friends, good medical care, and Ramen Noodles. We’re also thankful that no matter what our circumstances, God is with us. Life on earth involves suffering…people lose jobs, get the flu, have car accidents and experience hurt feelings. Kids will be bullied and struggle in school and even have strokes. This world isn’t perfect.

Still, when I face a crisis, that familiar comfort washes over me: I’m not alone. I’m not in charge. God will help us. I choose to follow Him, because He has never failed me. Not once. I know for certain that even when life hurts, I serve a great God.

Wishing you comfort and joy today!


8 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Series For an Update from Our House…

    • Dear Peggy, I’m glad this was encouraging to you today…we’re all in this together! Blessings to you~ Katie

      Katie Wetherbee| Director of Education Key Ministry Foundation | http://www.keyministry.org 440.247.0083-p| 440.543.2287-f a church for every child. —–Original Message—–

  1. Katie ~ I am really enjoying your blog. You are always very encouraging with your words and I love your perspective. I hope Annie is feeling better – it’s so difficult to watch our children suffer, whether physically or emotionally. How nice in the midst of it all you could spend the whole day together – girl time!!! Jennie

    • Jennie~ So good to hear from you~ we miss you at FBC! Thanks for reading. I hope this blog will be fortifying to many folks…parents and teachers, pastors and volunteers…as they work together to help kids.
      PS And YES~ the “girl time” was fabulous! Doesn’t happen often enough!

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