Fun Friday…adventures in humility

Many teachers have “Fun Friday” activities in their classrooms…by the time Friday rolls around, kids and teachers are often tired and ready for a break. I used to have some special activities reserved for Fridays in my class~ and now, this blog serves as a sort of “classroom” for me…so I thought I’d give you something to giggle about.

First things first: Our Key Ministry team is really excited…we’re putting some new training modules together for you~ These will be helpful for parents, volunteers and children’s pastors. Stay tuned for more info on this. Also, many of you have been requesting our new “KeyRing Binder,” which is an updated version of our toolkit. We’re putting that together as well, and will hopefully have it ready for you to download in January. But don’t fret…if you need help right now, please call or email us (see for our contact infomation) We’ve had lots of fun lately as we’ve visited churches, observed kids and helped ministry teams to meet the needs of some very special families. Don’t hesitate to call!

Now…onto our “fun stuff” for the day. Have you ever had one of those times where you really impress yourself…you know, you feel caught up and on time and organized…like  you’ve really got it all together? I was having one of those mornings. I was finished with a couple of work projects, the beds were made, kids out the door for school, I’d had a cup of coffee with Tom. A great start. I then made my monthly mega-shopping list and headed to Wal-Mart. (Each month I stock up on meat, chicken and pantry goods, and then spend a day cooking and freezing everything. It’s a HUGE timesaver, and a great relief.)

So, I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I stocked up on vitamins (even bought some calcium this time, Mom…). I found some picture hangers that don’t leave a hole in the wall (SO practical…) and I got some Christmas decorating ideas as I wandered the aisles. I was feeling like a cross between Martha Stewart and Mary Tyler Moore (there was even a red hat that I considered buying, because, you know, I’m gonna make it after all…)

 My darling new friend and  checkout lady, Sue, commented on the volume of my groceries, so I explained my  my once-a-month cooking extravaganza. She was VERY impressed with me, and I promised I’d write out some of my recipes for her. I headed out the door, mentally editing a blog post I’d been working on, still feeling as though I am THAT girl who really has it together.

I marched toward my car, certain that those in the parking lot could see the aura of efficiency that surrounded me. I grabbed my keys and pressed the unlock button.


I tried again.
And again.
And once again, pressing the button with great purpose.

And then I realized I was trying to open someone else’s minivan.

This is what I’ll be eating for lunch:

I would be eating my sandwich…however, I took out a slice of bread and can’t find it anywhere in my kitchen.

As my good friend, Anastasia says, they can’t all be good days, can they?

Happy Friday, one and all~ please visit next week as we dive back into our reading strategies series!


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