A bit of inspiration for you~

Good morning!
I hope you are all well…We’re getting ready for church, as I’m sure many of you are, too. Some of you will be volunteering to teach children, and others are getting your own kids ready for worship. Although there is much joy in parenting and teaching Sunday School, we can all agree that at times, the tasks can be tedious and messy…and not very appealing.

Below is a poem my eighth grade English teacher gave to us on the first day of class. It helps shape my own attitude (constantly!), and I hope it will encourage you, too, as you begin your day.



I don’t know how it say it but sometimes it seems to me
That maybe we are stationed where God wanted us to be
That the little place I’m filling is the reason for my birth
And just to do the things I do, He put me here on earth.

If God had wanted otherwise, I reckon He’d have made
Me just a little different –of a worse or better grade
But since God knows and understands all things of sky and sea
I fancy that He placed me just where He wanted me.

Sometimes I get to thinking, as my labors I pursue
That I would like a higher task with greater things to do
But I come to the conclusion when the envying is stilled
That the post to which God sent me is the one He wanted filled.

So I plod along and struggle in the hope when day is through
That I’m really necessary to the things God wants to do
And there isn’t any task that I can do which I should scorn,
For it just may be the reason God allowed me to  be born.


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