We JAMmed…and we jelled!

What an awesome JAM Session! Thanks so much to our friends in Des Moines for hosting a great day. We met 12 folks representing eight different churches, including a gentleman from the Diocese of Des Moines, which includes 68 parishes!

During our end-of-the-day discussion, we talked about difficult issues that arise in special needs ministry. We considered behavior concerns, dealing with grieving parents, and working collaboratively with church volunteers and staff. We also talked about helping children understand God’s plan, even in the face of great suffering. We laughed a lot, shed a few tears, and prayed together. And, at the end of the day, we felt more like family than colleagues.

One of the participants observed, as we wrapped up the day, that God is ALWAYS faithful in responding to our prayers…and yet, we’re always so shocked when He does! I reflected on this as we made our way back to the hotel…our team had prayed for the JAM participants by name before we ever met them. Still I was surprised at how quickly we “jelled” as a group~ but I guess I shouldn’t have been. God must love it when His children get together to grow the Kingdom! 

And now, I’m headed back to see Tom, Annie and Bill, and of course THIS important member of the family:

Mitzie, the Wonder Dog

 Take time to “jell” with some folks you love this weekend!

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