A little redecorating…

It’s almost the end of summer. Bus schedules, backpacks and back-to-school shopping all signal the real “new year.” The busy-ness that August brings has knocked blogging to the bottom of my list. Sorry about that.

However, I’ve spent some time reflecting on this blog, which is now just a little over a year old. When I talk about the blog at workshops, I always say something like, “I hope you’ll join my mom in reading the blog…” The truth is, though, that I’ve been overjoyed by how many of you have clicked here to learn more about reaching out to families with disabilities…It’s been a treat to meet you (in person and online), chat with you on the phone or via email/Facebook, learn about your triumphs and struggles, pray for you and giggle with you. It’s one of those “it’s a small world after all” blessings.

As I analyze the statistics for this past year, I have learned what you enjoy reading, and what appears to be less helpful (or, perhaps, what makes you yawn…) I have been amazed, delighted and humbled by your comments~ especially those of you who share in the experience of raising not-so-typical kids.  I have also been encouraged by those of you who are practitioners in education or ministry; it’s been so much fun to swap ideas and brainstorm together. (or have coffee together…even when separated by thousands of miles…)

This time of the year always energizes my creativity; I love the start of a new school year…it’s brimming with possibility. (Yes, I was the kid who couldn’t wait to purchase new notebooks, filled with fresh, inviting blank sheets of crisp white paper…and I’m in love with the scent of a full box of Crayolas. ) When I was teaching full-time, I so looked forward to preparing my classroom…arranging the furniture so that there was a place for every activity, creating a welcoming, predictable, helpful home that would help to make us function effectively as we learned together.

This blog has become my “classroom.” As my colleagues, friends and family will attest, I like to change things up once in awhile…at work and at home. My incredibly tolerant husband has arrived home, on several occasions, to rearranged furniture, stripped wallpaper and, one evening, an entire hallway full of torn up carpet. So, I’ve decided to do some redecorating here at Diving for Pearls. You’ll have to pardon my dust and debris as I get things organized for a new year! Here is a preview of what you will see in the coming weeks…

A new layout (because WordPress makes it easy to rearrange the “furniture” and because it will be easier to find the information that interests you)

A new menu. The tagline for this blog is “helping children with special needs thrive at home, school and church.” As I have reviewed my stats, I have found that most posts can be divvied up into those three categories! Here is the rundown on what you’ll find in the top menu:

  • About (a little info on our ministry and the reasons I do what I do!
  •  Church and Community: strategies  for including families affected by disabilities and helping them grow in faith
  •  Home and Hospitality: ideas for managing behavior, homework, chores, meals, siblings…you get the idea. PLUS, a bit of info on hospitality and welcoming others. This is a subject that gives me great joy..I love my home and having folks around the dinner table.
  • School and Learning: information on working collaboratively with the school to enhance learning for all kids.
  • Our Family’s Story: This is where you can find the series on our family’s special needs journey. I’m still amazed that so many of you have taken the time to read this and share your own thoughts and experiences with me. This has been, far and away, the most-often read portion of the blog. It’s really God’s story, and I’m thankful every day that He allowed me to tell it.
  • The Bee’s Knees (since our last name is WetherBEE, this fits!) Great ideas, books, products, movies, articles, resources, events etc. etc. to enhance your ministry and home.
  • The Section to be Named Later…a place to house the miscellany…humorous, inspiring and anything else. A veritable blogger’s “junk drawer,” if you will. I haven’t figured out what to name this, but it will include a copy of my Five Facts for Friday each week. I’ve been posting these random facts on Facebook for about a year, mostly as a way to entertain myself with the minutiae that creeps its way into my noggin each week. Apparently, my Facebook friends think this is quite good fun, so I’ll duplicate it here on the old bloggity blog…because there is lots of value in laughing together as we work together! If you have ideas for what to name this category, I’m all ears.

So, that’s the plan, my friends. It will probably take me a few days to get this organized. My kids begin school on Wednesday, so these next couple of days are all about them…last minute shopping, going out for dinner to celebrate a great summer (a Wetherbee tradition), getting organized. You know the drill. After that,  it will be back to the keyboard “classroom” to rearrange the furniture for a great new year of learning together…

See you at the bus stop!


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