Back to School Traditions

Everyone has routines and traditions that accompany the beginning of school…sometimes I think that these rival Christmas traditions! Now that everyone is getting settled into the “new year,” I thought it would be fun to share traditions with each other. No matter how simple, or seemingly insignificant, these kinds of traditions set the stage for kids as they face a new school year…and kids will remember them for years to come!

In our home, school supply shopping is an event. This gives me a chance for some 1-on-1 time with my children…each kid gets a meal out with mom, plus a chance to pick out a few outfits, spiral notebooks and index cards. It’s as special for me as it is for them! Although this tradition is a little looser now that they’re teens, they still remember it and look forward to it!

Chocolate chip cookies are also a biggie for our family…on the first day of school, the kids always know they’ll be arriving to a kitchen that smells like freshly-baked chocolate chippers. It’s a favorite recipe and a real treat, and we enjoy chatting about the first day while we munch on warm cookies.

We also do a bit of decorating to welcome the new school year. In our foyer is a marble-topped table that belonged to my great-grandmother. The table-top accessories change with the season, and in September, we bring out a few back-to-school items…

The school bus is actually a Christmas tree ornament given to Annie by my parents when she started kindergarten. The apple is a glass paperweight that belonged to my grandmother, who was a teacher. And the card is a Mary Englebreit print. Inside is a lovely note from my parents to Tom and me, written about 12 years ago to encourage us as young parents.

For more on back-to-school traditions, click here

Tell me about YOUR traditions and ideas, please! I’d love to hear your ideas…leave a comment below!

Hope you’re having a great day~

3 thoughts on “Back to School Traditions

  1. Does watching the Browns fall on their faces in the season opener each year count?

    We go out to dinner as a family on the last night before school starts.

  2. I love reading this because we’re not yet at the going-to-school phase, so I can consider theses traditions for us to use next year.

    And I do think we’re practically the same person. Mary Englebreit? I have a collection of cards and prints from her that I began in middle school or earlier. 🙂

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