Five Facts for Friday

‎5 Facts for Friday:
1.Heard in our house…Bill (listening to the radio): “Hey, Dad, that sounds like Frank Sinatra…or Barry Manilow. One of those guys…”
2. The phrase “lawyered up” is used on all those cop and news shows. When my kids call me, do they say they’ve “mothered up?”
3. Meat loaf + baked potatoes=great fall meal. Yum.
4. People don’t seem to offer a “thank you wave” when driving. Let’s bring it back.
5. Do kids sing their alma maters? “So here’s to dear old SOLON…”

1 thought on “Five Facts for Friday

  1. Yes, I DO give a THANK YOU WAVE when someone lets me out or is nice on the road. OTHERWISE…..the hands stay IN THE car and ON THE WHEEL! 🙂 BRING IT BACK! 🙂

    NORMANDY they light will guide us to thy goal of wisdom high…ever through our years of learning…..:)

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