Say it today.

I was working on a post about collaboration between teachers and parents, but that will have to wait. I have other, more important things to tell you today.

I just returned from the calling hours for a much-loved man in our community. He was, in fact, my attorney, the gentleman who drew up the partnership agreement 10 years ago for our little educational consulting firm.

We had grand plans, my business partner and I…and we excitedly shared them with our lawyer. He smiled, when we were finished and said, “Now ladies…remember this: You are mothers first. You want to set up your business in a way that you can always be mothers first.”

And so we did, taking his advice and recommendations….and it’s served us well from the very start. I shudder to think of how much I would have missed if we’d done things “our way” instead of listening to his wisdom.

As I worked my way through the receiving line this afternoon, I finally had an opportunity to speak with the oldest daughter from this family. I don’t know her well, as her children are older than mine…all graduated and mostly finished with college. We hugged and I said, “I loved your dad very much; he gave me such good advice!” She then smiled and said something I’ll never forget:

“Oh, Katie…I know you did. Every time I saw you, you would always tell me that. It meant so much to me while he was alive, and it means so much now that he’s gone.”

I had no idea how often I’d mentioned her dad’s kindness and wisdom to this lady…but apparently I had. Please note: this post is NOT about me, or anything that I did. This gentleman was the sort of person that engendered kindness and good will. It was the way he lived his life and conducted his business. His example made you want to share what you learned from him…he inspired encouraging conversation.

As I said, this post is NOT about me. It’s about the opportunity that I have–that we all have–to use our words to build up and encourage each other. Today. Not just when grief has taken residence, or tragedy has struck. Not just when tears are falling and hearts are broken. Today. This minute. Not out of fear, because “tomorrow might be too late” but out of love, because it matters now.

Because, as a family, we’re called to say it today:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” (2 Cor 13:10)

Many of you have stopped here at Diving for Pearls and offered encouragement to me. I’m thankful for you…each and every comment does my heart good. Thanks for being part of my family.

Wishing you comfort and joy today~

1 thought on “Say it today.

  1. This blog post brought tears to my eyes. You’re so right—it’s imperative that we show people how much they mean to us while they’re still on this Earth. Thank you for this very important reminder to not take our loved ones for granted. Now I’m going to sign off of the computer for a little while and make a few phone calls to some people I love.

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