Five Facts for Friday & Home Sweet Home

Hi everybody!

I returned home late last night from a trip to Dallas. I spent Friday at the Insight for Living headquarters. As you might know, Chuck Swindoll is our keynote speaker for Inclusion Fusion, and his daughter, Colleen Swindoll Thompson, is teaching a session for parents of kids with disabilities. Thanks so much to the wonderful folks at IFL for making the trip a huge blessing…we really felt like part of the family! I can’t wait to tell you more about it~ However, today is dedicated to these people:

I love ’em.

I didn’t get a chance to post Friday’s facts here yesterday, so here they are!

‎5 Facts for Friday:
1. I heard a dad say “Come now. N-O-W.” Why is it that we think kids will obey if we spell?
2. I always try to meet the pilot when I fly.
3. Because of texting, I am concerned that we will evolve into a people with very large thumbs and tiny vocal cords.
4. Great movie: “In Her Shoes.”
5. Steve Jobs said he liked to live at the intersection of art and technology. What intersection would YOU choose?


Happy Saturday~


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