The “Fly In” for Special Needs Ministry and Five Facts for Friday

Hi everyone~
I hope you have had a great week! I had promised you a post on my trip to Dallas, but the week got away from me. I’m sorry! Sometimes, life is like that, as you well know.

I spent the day in the O’Hare airport in Chicago today as part of a group of disability ministry leaders who participated in a “fly-in.” We came from all over the country (and Canada!) and met in a quiet spot in one of the terminals for a time of encouragement, vision casting and idea sharing. Here’s the bottom line: It was an amazing day! I loved hearing what other leaders are up to and learning about their ministry successes and struggles. One of the leaders shared that his ministry vision is to reach up into heaven and pull down a piece of it to share here on earth. That’s what it felt like today!

Spending time in an airport like this makes me feel very small. There are thousands of people here…travellers, pilots, flight attendants, food servers, custodial staff…it’s easy to feel insignificant and swallowed up. But, I remembered, as I waited in the security line, that every person here belongs to somebody…and Somebody. 

And now, I’m headed back to Chagrin Falls to see my “somebodies.”As you head into the weekend, I hope you know that you belong to Somebody, too!

Next week: back to a regular posting schedule. I promise!

And now, for our “Five Facts for Friday.”

1. I love the “Kiss and Ride” signs at airports/metros. It’s good to kiss before you travel.
2. Facebook has made “friend” a verb. (But really, it SHOULD be a verb. Think about it.)
3. Old Reese’s commercials: did anyone truly walk around with an open jar of peanut butter?
4. Shoulder pads in women’s clothes are making a comeback. (aka “Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.)
5. Favorite playground activity: tetherball. Yours?

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