JAM Session Review: A good time was had by all

We just love our JAM Classes! It’s amazing how a group of people who don’t know each other can become friends in the span of one day! Here’s a little review of our latest JAM Session…

We learned some new information.

We discussed hands-on methods of teaching abstract concepts.

We had a little fun.

We tried a cooperative learning strategy called Think-Pair-Share.

We spent some time making visual schedules and social stories that we could use to train volunteers or support kids (or both!)

We had a little more fun.

We used the “make it and take it” portion of the day to discuss specific church programming issues and to do some problem solving about individual kids or families.

We had an in-depth discussion about hidden disabilities.

We talked about respite programming.

Fun? Yep. We had some. And then some.

Thanks a million to our hosts, Kerri Peterson-Davis, Jeff Peterson-Davis and Neil Myer, of Pioneer Memorial Presbyterian Church in Solon…an incredibly special place! AND…THANKS to all the members of the fall Cleveland JAM Class ! We learned so much from YOU and we know you’ll be a blessing to very special families!

I love JAM…

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