Inclusion Fusion: The Man Behind the Curtain

Our friend and colleague, Steve Grcevich has been posting almost daily about Inclusion Fusion. Included in this series are features on the phenomenal speakers you will be watching as you tune in this week. Steve has also posted about the making of Inclusion Fusion, the hard work behind this conference, and the reasons that Key Ministry has been planning this event.

However, Steve has left out one teensy tiny tidbit. He would never post this on his own blog, nor would he ever talk about it in public. And, because I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due, I’ll just have to take care of this myself…

Inclusion Fusion is Steve’s brainchild. He’s the one, several years ago, who said, “We need to create online resources so that families and pastors can access the help they need.”

He’s the one who met the brilliant Jeremy Collins and brought him on board with the idea. He’s the one who worked out the logistics and coordinated the efforts of dozens of people. He’s the one who decided that Inclusion Fusion, just like all of our resources at Key Ministry, should be absolutely FREE.

And why?

Because Steve is passionate about finding “a church for every child.” During our workshops, Steve usually says, “You don’t need to go to a third world country to find people who need the love of Christ. There are people in the shadows of your steeples who won’t ever come to church because of a child’s disability, and who desperately need to belong to a family of faith.”

That’s why Steve dreamt up Inclusion Fusion…because he wants to welcome everyone to the family.

Thanks, Steve. 


PS Join us at Inclusion Fusion! Click here to register!

2 thoughts on “Inclusion Fusion: The Man Behind the Curtain

  1. Thanks, Katie! Some pretty fabulous people have come together to make this thing a reality. I think God likes it that way…He deserves the credit.

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