Swindoll Preview: The Serious, the Sweet, and the Silly

I’m a firm believer that when students have a preview of what they’re going to learn, they are better able to stay on task, retain information, and enjoy learning. So, in today’s post, I’m going to give you a little anticipation guide for the Inclusion Fusion interviews with the Swindoll family. I promise, you’re in for a treat!

Below are three things you can expect:

A serious conversation about how a child’s disability affects the whole family. I was struck by the humility with which Chuck Swindoll handled this topic; he deferred to his daughter, Colleen Swindoll Thompson, as we discussed these issues, stating that he really needed to look to her as tried to understand his grandson’s needs. We also tackled some tough questions about suffering, prayer and the will of God. You won’t get platitudes or glittering generalities when you listen to this interview; Chuck and Colleen are bold, honest and real. Colleen goes deeper in her own presentation, reflecting on her experiences as a mother clinging to God’s promises during excruciating circumstances.The pain they’ve experienced is palpable~ and the joy they’ve found is contagious.


A sweet reflection on what it’s like to be the sibling of a child with disabilities.
I was so taken with this group of young people. During our discussion, we tackled tough topics like sibling rivalry, divorce, blended families, mental health and faith. What impressed me most was the relationship between these kids; their mutual affection and interdependence makes their family work well. Their insights will be affirming, encouraging and enlightening. It was a no-holds-barred conversation that depicts both the severity and sweetness of living with a struggling sibling. Of all the conversations I had that day, this was my favorite…I really love these kids.

Some good, old-fashioned family silliness. The Swindolls and their extended Insight for Living family are so wonderfully real. There was no pretense nor rehearsed behavior. As you can imagine, I was quite nervous about my visit. I asked one of the Insight folks, “Should I call him Dr. Swindoll? Mr.? Reverend?” She laughed and said, “It’s Chuck. He’ll insist on it.” And so it was. Our team was treated like part of the extended Insight family…and this is a ministry that really does feel like family. Everyone was gracious and kind, making us feel comfortable and welcome. By the end of the day, we’d had more than one bout of belly laughing, and we’ve captured a bit of this on film for you…you YOU can be part of the family, too!


Okay! You’ve got the preview…are you ready for class? Be sure to register here (it’s FREE!) to enjoy these interviews and much, much more. Also, head on over to our Key MInistry Facebook page…we’re giving away some great prizes this week!

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