Twas the Night Before The Conference (A little poem for you…)

Twas the eve of INCLUSION FUSION and all through our team
Was a flurry of excitement as we worked at full steam.
The videos were loaded on the site with care
In hopes that our new friends soon would be there.

Jeremy was working at a feverish pace
A programming genius, he created this space.
And Steve on his I-Pad, and us on PC’s
Planning the details, the Lord to please.

We went through the classes and organized the days
Planning connections in multiple ways:
Online chatting with the speakers who care
And a Tweet Up on Thursday (you HAVE to be there!)

And all of a sudden, Steve’s I Phone rang
“MORE folks have registered!” he (almost) sang.
But to those who still want to, never fear:
There’s always a place for you to join in here.

Then Steve started clapping, his voice filled with glee
As he listed some speakers you’ll all get to see:
“There’s Amy and Cara and Rhonda, Jolene
And Barb has also come to the scene.

“We have Shannon, The Ferrinis,” Steve glanced from the list,
“These speakers are wonderful, not to be missed!
 And Don’t forget David, Marie and Bob West
There are SO many more…we lined up the best!

And still~ that’s not all! There are prizes to win!
Books and materials to help ministries begin.
And people might ask, well, what is the fee?
Inclusion Fusion is totally FREE.

We ended our meeting, excited yet weary
November clouds dark, but our mood was not dreary.
We’ve prepared and we’ve planned for this website displayed
Through every step, we’ve stopped and we’ve prayed….

For all of the people who will join us to learn
Methods of teaching and solutions, discern.
And we’ve prayed for the speakers, so accomplished and wise
That they know their investment is seen by God’s eyes.

But mostly we’ve prayed for the families who’ll gain
A church to call home, despite earthly pain.
And we pray God will bless us, meek and mild
As we seek for a Church for Every Child.

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