Sometimes it’s good to be alone with your thoughts.

And then again, sometimes, it’s good to turn around to those you love and share what’s on your mind.

Thank you, Mitzie, for helping me to illustrate this point.

I’ve been reflecting lately…and I’m ready to share, in no particular order, my random musings:

  • My mom called in tears the other day because she had watched part of Inclusion Fusion and she was proud of me. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow that.
  • My friend Kerri Peterson-Davis told me that the older she gets, the more she understands her mom. I have found this to be wise, and true.
  • I have never taken physics and for this, I am truly grateful.
  • The longer I am married to Tom, the more I realize that his calm, steady demeanor is incredibly unique (and a fine foil to my intensity.)
  • Kindness is a quality I hold in high esteem.
  • Freedom of speech is a right and a responsibility.
  • Lately, before I take action, I ask myself, “In 20 years’ time, will I be pleased with the way I acted and spoke?” I still fall far, far short of how I should act (and react) and I hope to improve.
  • I wish we still used grammar worksheets in every school every day.
  • I don’t know how to play Canasta, but I’m quite good at charades.
  • In this season of Thanksgiving, I have much for which to be thankful.

Next week: Some fun hospitality ideas for your home and family. Hope you are enjoying some cozy fall weather!


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