Gifts of Gratitude: Thanking those who love our kids!

In this season of Thanksgiving, I am particularly thankful for the adults in my kids’ lives who have recognized and nurtured their gifts and talents. Their encouragement, direction and availability have allowed my children to reach goals and gain confidence. As I reflect on their tireless efforts, I marvel at the gift they are to us; each of these folks holds a unique and special place in our kids’ development.

Recently, I wanted to do something a little special for some of these folks, so I created a little gift. I thought I’d share this idea with you…It’s easy to do, and not very expensive~ a nice way to nurture those who nurture our kids!

SO~ here’s what to do…

Buy some goodies. I chose a glossy magazine, a special bar of chocolate, and a Starbuck’s card…I think that getting a new magazine is a huge luxury, and who wouldn’t love a Peppermint Mocha and a little dark chocolate? (you can, of course, tailor your gifts to match the tastes of the gift recipient!)

Choose some pretty pattern paper. (this is available in the craft section of Target or WalMart, and also at craft or speciality stores.)

Arrange the gifts as  you prepare to wrap them. (Note: I wrapped the Starbuck’s card in tissue paper to make it visible.)

Put the pattern paper underneath and roll the gift together to “wrap” it. Put a little tissue paper in the ends so that nothing falls out!

Take time to write a heart-felt note on pretty stationery. (This stationery was a gift to me for participating in the Bioethics/Through the Roof Summit sponsored by Joni and Friends. Isn’t it gorgeous?? Check out the details on the envelopes, too…so cute! If you like it, please contact the designer, Marlene Cramer:

Tie it all up with a pretty bow…

Now you’re ready to deliver this treat to the folks who have made a difference in the life of your child.
Please note: if your budget doesn’t allow for gifts, that’s okay! Take a moment and write a note~even if it’s on a scrap piece of paper…Remember that teachers, coaches and pastors are busy, and often stressed! A quick note of encouragement might be just what is needed: “Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up!” (Proverbs 12:25)


 PS~ This post does not represent an endorsement of any company or product.

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