Around here… {autumn edition}

Around here, we enjoyed our tradition of getting out old pictures from Halloweens past and kindergarten crafts to decorate. Such fun to see how everyone has grown!

Around here, we’ve had a couple of fun dinner parties…having folks come to share a meal with us is one of my favorite things to do.

Around here, getting the mail is taking on a new and exciting significance as Annie looks expectantly for letters from colleges.

Around here, it’s almost Thanksgiving. Although the leaves are off the trees, we’re decorating warmly for this most wonderful holiday.








Around here, Mitzie’s age is showing. She’s slowed down quite a bit, but still entertains us with her nightly burst of energy and her quirky expressions

Around here, Bill has adjusted to high school and is enjoying band, acting and entertaining all of us with his antics.

Photo courtesy Tim Driscoll, TigerEyeImaging

Around here, we’re grateful.

Tell me what is going on around YOU.

PS The “Around Here” idea came from a lovely blog written by a lady who is an artist and a mom.

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