How a Middle Child Keeps Peace

Ohio State vs. Michigan…the football game of the year in our family.

My mom went to Ohio State.
My sister went to the University of Michigan
My husband and son root for the Buckeyes.
My dad and brother love the Maize and Blue.
My nephew and brother-in-law are die-hard Michigan fans.
My daughter is loyal to the Buckeye state.

And…all of these people convened at my house to watch the big game.

What’s a middle child to do??

Let there be peace on earth…and let it begin in my family room. 😉

We’re going to be talking a lot about peace in the coming weeks here at Diving for Pearls. It’s Advent, which means we’re preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ! Any parent knows that December usually doesn’t conjure feelings of peace, but rather overscheduled mayhem. We’ll be talking about ways to keep the peace and also spread peace and goodwill at home, in the neighborhood, at church and in the world. Stay tuned!

For a few Advent ideas to get you started, please check out last year’s series: An Accommodating Advent:

Preparing our Hearts
Creating a Hands-on Holiday
Prep for the Pageant
It’s All Relative


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