Five Facts for Friday

Hi everyone!
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted Friday Facts on the blog. For those of you who are newcomers to Diving for Pearls…welcome aboard! So glad to have you here! On Fridays, I try to get us all ready for the weekend with a little fun. I started posting “five facts for Friday” on my facebook page about 18 months ago. It’s fun to read comments and responses from folks, so I thought I’d post them here on the old blogger, too. Hope they give you a laugh as you start your weekend.

‎5 Facts for Friday:
1. We watched an old episode of the “Batman” TV show this week. It made me wonder why they kept the batphone under a cake dome.
2. My mom once told me that she thinks Neil Diamond is sexy. I found this distressing on a number of levels.
3. There is no such thing as “too many lights” on a Christmas tree.
4. TV commercials are getting really tacky… I don’t think the inventors of the television ever imagined we’d be watching ads promoting prostate health.
5. Current favorite Christmas movie: The Family Stone. Yours?

Wishing you a cozy weekend~

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