Weekly Wrap + Five Facts for Friday

It’s snowing here in Northeast Ohio…and it’s beautiful! I’m headed out in a moment to pick up my ninth grader from his last final exam of the semester. I’m VERY excited to have my kids home for a long weekend with NO homework!

We had a long planning meeting with our Key Ministry team this week. We are excited about the materials and training modules we’re developing for you this year. And, for those of you who know me through HOPE, please check out our new website here.

And now, our Friday Facts:

1. A “nook” used to be where you ate breakfast and a “tablet” was what you took for a headache. Things are a little different now.
2. Apparently, celebrities are currently favoring colors and numbers as they name their babies. I think you have to be famous to carry that off. “Maroon 6 Wetherbee” doesn’t pack a punch.
3. After much observation, I have concluded that Mitzie is right-pawed.
4. The company that makes Hostess snack cakes has filed for bankruptcy. Perhaps we need to return to the ad campaign with actress Ann Blyth dressed in an evening gown and serving cupcakes on a silver tray?
5. We’re celebrating the life of a great lady this weekend, My Aunt Catherine, who, in her 97 years, modeled perseverence and acceptance…and was a ton of fun.

Hope you have a happy weekend!

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