Five Facts for Friday…and our Communication Contest WINNER!

Thank  you to everyone who submitted a response to the Say This, Not That Contest! All of the entries were fabulous!  The contestants’ names were put in a hat and one name was drawn…
Congratulations to…


Nathan, please email me with your street address, as well as your choice of Starbuck’s or Panera. 
An honorable mention goes to Amanda Mooney, for her thought-provoking and heart-felt entry…Amanda is one of our board members, so she couldn’t be entered in the contest, but she needed to be recognized, nonetheless.

And now…let’s have some fun…

Five Facts for Friday:
1. Everyone plays “QI” in scrabble/words with friends, but no one really knows what it means
2. As a teen, I requested that my mom buy “Body on Tap” shampoo, because I was sure it would give me bouncin’ and behavin’ hair.
3. When Annie was in kindergarten, telling people “She’s in the class of 2012” made me giggle. Now it gives me a bit of a lump in my throat.
4.I’m glad I’m not the Speaker or the VP…it would be really hard not to fidget during the State of the Union.
5.From NBC News: New trend in admissions~College essays in 25 words or less with questions like “What was the best thing about last week?” Your answer???

Hope your weekend is wonderful~

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