Around here {February edition}

Around here, we’ve all been wishing for more snow.

Around here, we’re excited about Annie’s decision to attend Calvin College next year. She’s been busy applying for scholarships and connecting with other “Calvin admits.”

Around here, the warm weather has meant mid-winter basketball in the driveway. (but the beloved net will need to be replaced in the spring)

Around here, I’ve been in the middle of several writing and teaching projects…and this is what my desk looks like…


Around here, Bill is studying World War II in history, and he is fascinated. His class is using this book as a supplement.








Around here, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with chocolate, flowers, and meatloaf in the dining room.

Around here, we love each other.

2 thoughts on “Around here {February edition}

  1. Great post – love all your around heres – but the best was the bottle of bubbles on your desk. I don’t know if I gave you that idea – or you gave it to me – but I think of you when I see bubbles – even have bubbles as my screen saver.
    So much love to you!

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