Weekly Wrap & Five Facts for Friday {2/24/12}

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog this week, because I’ve been enjoying a little getaway with my favorite guy (and husband!) Tom. We’ve had a great week of

r    e    l   a    x    a   t    i    o    n ~

and I’m so grateful.

While I’ve been away, though, lots of exciting things have been happening at Key Ministry, and I’ll tell you all about that SOON! In the meantime, you won’t want to miss Steve’s blog series with Steph Hubach.

This weekend, I’m excited to spend some quality time helping these folks get ready for Winter Formal:

And, I’m looking forward to seeing this member of the family, who will probably be crowned Winter Formal Queen…. She is very popular….

And now…

5 Facts for Friday:
1.I do not care for cutesy spellings of businesses, such as “Kountry Korner.” It’s not wise to build a company on the foundation of illiteracy.
2. Who determines which oils are the “essential oils?” Some of the oils might feel left out.
3. When I’m at the airport, I like knowing that every person there belongs to somebody.
4. While swimming this week, I lapped the guy in the lane next to me. I felt great about this until I realized he was about 147 years old with a strong resemblance to Abe Vigoda. And, with all due respect, I hope that I’m still swimming at that age, too.
5. Favorite part of going to the beach: hunting for shells and listening to the waves. Yours?

Happy Weekend, one and all!




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