Extra Day, Extra Dollar: Help Us Grow by LEAPs and Bounds!

We’re having a little celebration for Leap Day this year, and YOU are invited!

It’s a luxury, isn’t it, to have an extra day? I love thinking of what I might be able to accomplish with the bonus time I get on February 29. Lately, my thoughts focus heavily on Key Ministry. We have much to be excited about in 2012…we’ll be speaking at several conferences, hosting JAM Sessions, writing curriculum adaptations, making materials and working with individual churches…ALL with the purpose of ensuring “a church for every child.” All of the services we provide are free to churches; we never want budgets to be a barrier.

We are making great strides, with many glimpses of heaven on earth…

  • A man who has Asperger’s syndrome has used some of our materials to raise awareness of special needs and offer support to others diagnosed with Asperger’s in his church.
  • Two high school students who have taken our training used the knowledge to reach out to students with disabilities at their high schools to include them in activities that foster friendships.
  • A family without a church home told us, after attending a respite outreach for which we had provided training, “This is the community that is reaching out to us.”
  • A children’s pastor emailed us after a consultation and said,  “I already feel like a weight has been lifted knowing that I have someone to walk this road with me ; You’re a true gift from the Lord!”

We really want to be a gift, and help the Kingdom grow by leaps and bounds…but we need your help! Please consider celebrating Leap Day by donating just one dollar to Key Ministry…think of what we could accomplish…

If 10 people each give $1, we can adapt a teaching tool for a child with an intellectual disability;

 If 20 people each give $10, we can create a new video training workshop for a church hoping to start an inclusion ministry.

If 30 people each give $20, we can launch a new inclusion ministry in a church.

Your support means so much to us. Please join the party…pray for us as we reach out to families and churches. Forward our website and blogs along to those who can use the information. And, if you are able, please consider donating an “extra dollar” to help us in this most wonderful work. Click here for more information.

Leaping with JOY!

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