Five Facts for Friday {3.23.12}

Hello, everyone!
It’s been a beautiful week here in Northeast Ohio…the forsythia and the daffodils are blooming…what a treat!

Next week, we’ll finish up the series on  helping kids learn to work in groups. I also had a phone interview with an amazing woman from Colorado…I can’t wait to introduce you to her and have her share some words of wisdom on grief and healing.

and now…

Five Facts for Friday!

1. It turns out, a watched pot really DOES boil.
2. Heard in our house…Bill: “Happy 18th Birthday, Annie. Wow. You could get arrested now…”
3. I like to celebrate my children’s birthdays by buying a gift for myself. (I feel my role in the birthday deserves a bit of recognition…) This year: Little Monogram Shop had the perfect treat.
4. “Honor bespeaks worth; Cooperation proves the quality of leadership.” ~J.C. Penney
5. Joy=hearing my kids giggle together. What gave you joy this week?

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