Five Facts for Friday {3.30.12}

It’s rainy and chilly here in Cleveland today…but I don’t mind! Our kids just returned home from a week-long choir trip, and we celebrated their return with a lunchtime pancake feast. YUM!

Five Facts for Friday

1. Tom saw a wild turkey in our yard (the bird, not the bourbon)
2. When I was 8 my mom made “Chocolate Bottom Pie.” My cousin called it “Chocolate Butt Pie” when the grown ups weren’t listening. I thought that was the most scandalous thing ever.
3. I am now hungry for chocolate pie.
4. At the risk of being unpopular: I hated “Titanic” and don’t ever want to see it again. There. I said it.
5. Chance of me winning the big lottery: 0% BUT, if I played and won, I’d hire someone to drive me places…and I would also buy some of those dark chocolate Kit Kat bars.
What would YOU buy??

Happy weekend, everyone~

2 thoughts on “Five Facts for Friday {3.30.12}

  1. If I won, I’d buy a ticket to Ohio, so I wouldn’t have to make the long drive to give my Key Ministry friends BIG hugs!!! 😉 BTW, I’ll split the chocolate pie with you, girlfriend!

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