Five Facts For Friday {4.6.12}

Hello, everyone!
I hope you have had a great week. Often, when it’s a holiday week, our lives are busier (especially when spring break time means that children are underfoot!) I hope you have a moment of quiet during this Easter weekend to soak up the goodness that makes this celebration like no other!

Five Facts for Friday:
1. A tweet, text, or email can never replace a handwritten letter.
2. My yard: One beautiful tulip, and cheerful dandelions everywhere.
3. Blast from the past: Tickle Deodorant. They don’t make it anymore…
4. Favorite chapter books from childhood: The Boxcar Children. Yours?
5. He is Risen! Happy Easter

Blessings, friends!

2 thoughts on “Five Facts For Friday {4.6.12}

  1. 1. Those bunnies are cute!
    2. Agreed on #1.
    3. I forgot about Tickle Deodorant….what on earth made you think of it 😉
    4. “Caddie Woodlawn”
    5. The very reason I breathe…

    Happy Easter! Have fun celebrating the life we are able to live!


    • Adrienne…I have NO idea what made me think of Tickle Deodorant. I was always jealous because my sister was old enough to need it, but I wasn’t! 🙂 Happy Easter, my friend.

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