I know some amazing people: Meet Carlyle King

Everyone, please meet my friend, Carlyle King:

Carlyle has been married to his lovely wife, Kristen, for nine years.

They’re the proud parents of a fabulous kindergartener.

Carlyle has a master’s degree in education, with an emphasis on educational technology. He is currently an E-Learning Systems Manager at a university in Idaho.

In his spare time, Carlyle enjoys riding motorcycles, spending time with his family and friends, and participating in his local church.

And, by the way…Carlyle has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Carlyle and I became acquainted through the Key Ministry facebook page. He contacted us to tell us a little bit about his desire to raise awareness about autism and other disabilities in his church. Here is a bit of Carlyle’s story, in his own words:

Thanks for being willing to help. I’ve had a pretty tough time finding a church in which I fit, and I’ve decided to try a different approach: setting up a ministry that helps people fit.
To give you an idea of who you are working with, I’m 37 and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at 35. I have a master’s in education and I work for a Christian university. I’m also the president of a motorcycle ministry and I’ve organized an annual motorcycle ride for autism here. Needless to say, I’m determined and willing to do the work needed.

You know…
I’m an example of what happens when family and church just give up on a child. They decided I was just a bad kid. I was often told by my dad and others that I was not wanted around. I left my parents’ church as a teenager, but (then) was asked to leave the church I chose to go to.

I truly believed I was unlovable and often prayed that God would just kill me and get it over with. Before my wife, I never had any real friends. I’ve tried going to many churches, but I have often been told by people that they didn’t like being around me. I got into motorcycle ministry thinking that other Christian motorcyclists would accept me, but they turned their backs on me. It was the real bikers that befriended me.

I’m honestly worried about how I’ll handle all this

but I’m going to keep going…

 I’m here to right some wrongs and to do my best to ensure that no other child experiences what I have.

I want (the Church) to know that we are here…

and the first step in accomplishing cultural change is creating awareness of the need for it.
I just worry that I’m not good for this…

it just needs to be done and I don’t see anyone else doing it.

Stay tuned to find out how Carlyle planned for his inclusion ministry and what happened on the very first Sunday…here is a preview, straight from Carlyle:

“Not only did God open the door, but He rolled out the red carpet.”

Praising God for my friend Carlyle!

Read Carlyle’s blog here.

8 thoughts on “I know some amazing people: Meet Carlyle King

  1. Thank you Katie for all that you do. You’ve been a source of encouragement!

    I may be a bit biased, but I do agree that Carlyle is amazing!! I’m very proud of his accomplishments even through all of the obstacles and struggles that have been thrown at him along the way. He’s never let his ASD or his physical disability hold him back and I admire that.

  2. All I could think when I read Carlyle’s story (besides being incredibly sad) was Jesus words in John 15:18-19 “If the world hates you, remember it hated me first…” Whether he knows it or not, Carlyle is doing an AMAZING job of reflecting God’s glory through his perseverence. Thanks for sharing his story! We’ll be praying for him!

  3. I may be biased as well. I’ve been friends with Carlyle since 1990. And God used him at that time through his friendship to save my life. So ya I know he is an Amazing friend. And I know God has and will use him in many great ways. 🙂

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