Five Facts for Friday {4.13.12}

Hi everyone!

I’m behind on what I wanted to write for you this week…a little virus has traveled through our house, and it’s slowed me waaaaay down! Next week, I will tell you more about my friend Carlyle. I’m also excited to tell you about a new women’s retreat that you will LOVE.

And now, some Friday fun…

Five Facts for Friday

1. When I was little, I used to worry that the trees would forget how to grow leaves in the spring. Turns out, trees always remember.
2. My take on “The Mommy Wars:” Every mother is a working mother.
3. I think marching bands should get as much TV time as football teams.
4. Mandela said: “A good head and a good heart are a formidable combination.”
5. On my “someday” list: Take a trip to Scotland. What’s on YOUR “someday” wish list?

Happy Weekend, my friends!

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