“Be the story:” Attend a Bevy Retreat {and nourish your soul}

Stop cheating the world of who you were created to be…
It’s time to start living your story.

I’m so excited to tell you about an opportunity for you to grow in faith, nourish your soul, and learn more about the truth of God’s plans for your life.

Please meet my new friend, Adrienne Graves.

I have been following Adrienne’s blog for several years now, and she’ll be guest-posting for me in May (you won’t want to miss it.) She is a devoted wife and mom who has experienced the joy of welcoming her children into the world, and the pain of holding one of them in her arms as he died. She shares this poignantly in her blog, with honesty, abundant love and even humor as she describes her little boy who has touched people all over the world.

In addition to her writing, Adrienne has worked as a Women’s Pastor and a radio show host. She attended Oral Roberts University with a major in Missions and Theology. Adrienne founded Bevy, Inc in 2003 as a vehicle for encouraging women to appreciate their uniqueness, and realize their place in what she calls God’s “True Love Story.”

To accomplish this, Adrienne and her team of leaders are planning an amazing three-day retreat this summer in Minneapolis. You will listen to some amazing speakers and delve into topics such as “singleness, abstinence, divorce, addiction, body image, grief, loss, hope, new beginnings, and disappointment with God and a radical new perspective.” You’ll also spend time delving into your OWN story, and learn to tell it in a way that will build the Kingdom and encourage those around you. Finally, there will be plenty of FUN!

As I’ve learned more about this project, I couldn’t wait to share it with you! I encourage you to consider treating yourself through this retreat…take a group from your church or neighborhood. Or…make plans with some far-flung friends to meet in Minneapolis and enjoy this time together. I am certain you will be enriched! Many of you are mothers who are raising children with disabilities…I can assure you that you will be with women who understand the intricacies of this experience as you enjoy a bit of a breather.

If you have questions, or if you need more information, email Adrienne and her team at info@bevygirls.com  of visit the website at www.bevygirls.com

Be the story!

3 thoughts on ““Be the story:” Attend a Bevy Retreat {and nourish your soul}

  1. Katie, thank you so much for your kind words here and for sharing Bevy with your readers. Your story is a real inspiration to me as, had Noah lived, he would have been a child here on Earth with special needs. I think of this often as I’m at the park and out around the community…”Would Noah be able to use this facility? Would he have friends in this community? Is our neighborhood user-friendly to families with children with special needs?” I love your heart so much and am so grateful for the impact you are making in many lives! You ROCK, Katie!

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