Five Facts for Friday {6.1.12 edition}

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my Five Facts…sorry about that! We were knee-deep into our Messages from Moms series, and I just didn’t want to interrupt that! (stay tuned for a couple more of those, though…you won’t want to miss what these moms have to say!)

And now, without further ado…

Five Facts for Friday:
1. I read about a woman had special scallops flown in to serve at a luncheon. She then cancelled the event. Clearly, fish sticks would have been a more practical choice.
2.Heard in our house…
Me: “Tom, do you think I might be going blind?”
Tom: “Well, if you are you better take a good, last look at me. I’m cute.”
3. Tom IS cute. And 25 years ago today, we went on our first date.
4. Graduation emotions: Proud. Inspired. Sentimental. And so, so…grateful.
5.Favorite high school teachers: Mrs Reed (who taught me how to write) and Mr. Kramer (who encouraged me to be a teacher.) How about you?
Hope your weekend will be filled with Pomp and Circumstance.

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