5 Facts for Friday {6.8.12 edition}

Happy Friday, one and all Summer has officially begun at the Wetherbee house…the kids have enjoyed a few days of r & r before their summer jobs begin…and we’ve had great weather for it, too! I hope your summer is off to a good start. I know that the lack of structure and change in routine can be difficult for many families, as can the interruption of school services…whatever your celebrations and challenges are as you start the summer, please know you are in good company as you shift gears.

And now…

Five Facts for Friday:
1. 60 years doing one job= loyalty + determination. God Save the Queen.
2. Boy in the backyard playing basketball; girl reading a newly purchased book. Hello, Summer.
3. Pet peeve: When grown up, intelligent people think that rules just don’t apply to them.
4. I don’t usually offer fashion advice, but I DO give advice on reading. For example, The word “dance” scrawled across the back of shorts actually reads, “Hey! Look at my fanny.”
5. Betrand Russell wrote, “The time you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted time.” How will YOU enjoy wasting time this summer?

Have a great weekend, friends…


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