Five Facts for Friday {6.15.12 edition}

Hi there, everyone!
Hope you have had a good week…

We are in our summer routine now, which is vastly different with teenagers than it was when the kids were little. Work schedules structure the day rather than swim lessons, and I’m behind the wheel often as I get everyone to the right place. Hope you are off to a good start, too!

And now…

Five Facts for Friday
1. Every time I turn on the faucet, clean water flows out instantly. I’m rich.
2. The Obamas were at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house last night. Justin Bieber is singing at Rockefeller Center. I’m at home, making pulled pork, but Matt Lauer didn’t mention this during his report.
3. A man in Connecticut called 911 because he didn’t like how the deli made his sandwich. I think he ma…y have missed the class about emergencies at Safety Town.
4, I think when couples have been married for 20+ years, they should have another wedding shower…my tea towels and cooking utensils are looking a bit shabby. I’ll let you know where I’m registered.
5. Current favorite part of summer: No homework for my kids. How about you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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