Five Facts for Friday {7.13.12}

Happy Friday, one and all!

It’s been a rather eventful week at our house…Annie’s wisdom teeth came out, Bill began a new summer job while continuing to perform in a local production of “Little Women,” and Tom and I kept busy with work and ministry…we even managed to sneak in a double date with some dear friends!

Hope you are enjoying your summer, too…it seems to be flying too quickly!

And now…

ImageFive Facts for Friday:
1. During the 1979 Miniwanca camper hunt (a leaders vs. campers game of hide and seek), I hid under a fallen pine tree for over an hour in the dark, cold, Michigan night, scoring exactly one point for the Ridge tribe.
2. I wonder what kind of progress we could make if presidential candidates had to donate 10% of their advertising budgets to defray the national deficit.
3. Last week, I dreamt that Matt Lauer was giving me directions to my new job as a copy writer, which totally confirms that I should be working on the Today Show.
4. Great movie: People Like Us.
5.I adore my laptop and (it might sound silly), I am so thankful for my garage door opener. What’s your favorite modern technology?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends~


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