Five Facts for Friday {7.20.12 edition}

ImageHappy Friday, friends!
We just returned home from Grand Rapids, MI. We enjoyed two great days at Calvin College’s “Passport” program, which is the orientation for first-year students. Our daughter, Annie will be starting there in the fall. As we drove off the campus, she said wistfully, “Oh…couldn’t you just leave me here? I just love Calvin!” I think that is a ringing endorsement of Calvin’s first-class event (more on that in another post).

Hope you all have had a great week, too…I’m looking forward to a little family time this weekend!

Five Facts for Friday:
1. Lately I’ve been traveling quite a bit. I always leave a little hair in the sink at home, so in case I get kidnapped, my family has some DNA to give to the FBI.
2. In case you are wondering, lately I have also been watching a lot of “Criminal Minds” on TV.
3. There is a difference between being a peacekeeper and a peacemaker.
4. Remember the expression “Made in the shade?” We should totally bring that back.
5. My favorite thing about a college campus: Gorgeous old buildings. What about you?


2 thoughts on “Five Facts for Friday {7.20.12 edition}

  1. 1- Great idea! 🙂
    2- Not me but I do think like you did in #1!
    3- Oh YES!
    4- we could do it!
    5- I love the “atmosphere” of changing times between classes….life, talk, etc. just fun!

  2. Katie, your Top 5 make me giggle every Friday. Thanks so much for that. Ok my favorite thing about college campus…..that it’s not me going to the class that are there. Can I get an AMEN!! I have an even better suggestion with the hair in sink. A nice comb or brush does wonders and doesn’t make your husband crazy. Or did that make MY husband crazy. Hmmm!! Love you my friend!!

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