How Do We Measure A Year? {Stats with Significance, 2012}

Yesterday, I received a lovely email from WordPress, which provided blogging statistics for the past year.  The message included maps and charts to help me celebrate a year of writing. I love these messages, because they help me to understand what is important to those of you who click your way to this blog. I love writing for you, and I am so thankful for every comment, “like” and click. I have also made some wonderful friends through this site, which makes me grateful that the internet is making our world a bit smaller and cozier by connecting us through social media.

So, these stats are helpful to me as a writer. However, those aren’t the numbers I want to share with you today…because the number of “hits” I get  is not what has made this year (or any year!) special and memorable. Below are the statistics that warm my heart and defined the year…

22 = years I’ve been married to Tom


2 = children in our family

3 = summer jobs held by those two children…which resulted in numerous life lessons about managing money, working with others, and setting goals

18 = years with Annie, who graduated from high school and voted in the presidential election)


16 = years with Bill, who performed in 5 shows, marched with the band and learned to drive this year


6 = trips to conferences and churches to teach about including kids with disabilities (which meant meeting–and learning from —so many of you!)

7 = relaxing days in Florida with Tom in February


306.7 = miles from our home to Calvin College, where Annie is attending

5 = my favorite posts on the blog this year:


Joy or Just Wait (that was your favorite, too)
To the Class of 2012: Don’t Forget Your Markers
I Saw Love at the Movie Theatre
Why The Jet Blue Incident Makes Me Blue (and determined)
My Children Aren’t Perfect (and I’m dancing with JOY)

1 = One GREAT GOD who loves me (and loves you, too.)

Happy New Year…and don’t forget to take data on what really matters.



PS One more statistic:

11 = the age of our most loyal and wonderful dog, Mitzie Alice Wetherbee, who wishes you a wonderful new year, from the bottom of her heart.






12 thoughts on “How Do We Measure A Year? {Stats with Significance, 2012}

  1. Love all your numbers! I just started blogging about 6 weeks ago and I have found the stats very interesting. The thing that has struck me is how I have been able to reach people from all over the world through blogging. It is a great way for believers to encourage one another and learn from one another. Thanks for your blog. Blessings to you and your family in 2013!

  2. I also got my blog stats today. It brings out the worst in me and my blogging – I want to care less about the numbers and just enjoy the writing and talking to people. And that’s why I love this post – yours are the kind of numbers that are important. Praying for your stats in 2013

  3. In 2013, may you have 1084 giggles that cannot stop, 8,439 moments of awe, 9 good new friends, 300 fabulous blogs (that allows for a lot of days to play!!)

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