Someone I Know


Someone I know had an abortion.

She is a loyal friend, a devoted wife, and a mom to some fabulous kids.  I admire her candor and communication skills, and uncanny ability to lead with love.

Someone I know has depression.

She’s honest and insightful…the kind of friend who will help you understand yourself. She’s extremely accomplished…recognized by her peers as an expert. She’s a seeker of justice and an avid reader.

Someone I know is gay.

He’s the sort of friend who would travel miles out of his way if you needed help. He’s creative and wickedly funny. He remembers details about his friends and follows up on their worries. And he loves Jesus.

Someone I know has alcoholism.

She anticipates her friends’ needs and celebrates their accomplishments. She is generous and industrious, with an easy laugh and a flexible, animated disposition.

Someone I know is obese.

He is gifted in his work, and is a leader at church. He’s respected by colleagues and beloved by friends. He’s a dad who adores his children and grandchildren, and a remarkable entrepreneur.

Someone I know has anxiety.

She loves to write, give dinner parties and spend time with her family. She tries hard to help others, and thinks that the very  best place on earth is HOME.
{you know her, too. She is ME.}

And every time someone tells me to “trust God” and “be anxious for nothing,” it makes me feel sad.
Less than.
Not good enough.

But then I remember...I AM good enough. I am a child of the King.

Just like all of the folks I described today…
Folks I love, and who love me, not because I’m worthy, but just because I’m me.

So, please remember, as you enter into the conversations of the day, listening to the  rhetoric, speaking your mind…please remember to speak the truth in love.

Because YOU know someone, too.

18 thoughts on “Someone I Know

  1. Oh Katie how I love this. You speak my heart my friend. We’re all broken so we must take care with our words. Someone I know has anxiety and depression and a host of other broken pieces she carries around…..and that someone is me. Much love.

  2. Katie, your words are always a salve to my heart. I, too, have anxiety and insecurity and so many other flaws. It’s so easy to “mask” it in public, but most people have no idea how “thin skinned” I am.

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  4. You’ve done it again, dear Katie – and yes, I know everyone of those kinds of people. Judge not, my friends – we have all fallen short of the glory of the Lord – and even the perfect one was broken for our sins. Love with abandon the world’s unlovely – I have a gay friend who has told me over and over I am the only Christian she knows who doesn’t hate her. So very sad. I love her! We agree to disagree – but we both love our sons, our dogs, our alma mater, our friends and our Lord.
    So thank you Katie – your honesty and your spirit and your friendship have been and always will be a treasure. Love you!!

  5. Katie – God has given you a great gift with words.

    For more than 20 years I suffered with what felt like panic (I describe it as the feeling you have when you are almost in a bad accident – that sudden panic). The feeling rarely left me. The doctors said it was all in my head. I spent a week in a psychiatric facility and then that psychologist walked away from me – I described it as being told that if I strip naked I could be helped. After I stripped (emotionally) I was left standing in the cold.
    God led me to an awesome Godly psychologist who eventually sent me to a Naturopathic Doctor – bottom line is that I am highly hypoglycemic.
    Over the years I heard a few “be anxious for nothing.” It was only a few because I didn’t dare speak of what I was feeling. How could I feel this way if I was a Christian? I can remember getting to the church early on Sunday mornings to unlock the classrooms and crying as i did so because of what I thought was panic that overtook my body. I would ask myself if I was living a lie.
    God was and has been with me each step of the way – without that journey I wouldn’t be who I am today. He taught me alot through the pain.
    Katie may the Lord continue to bless you and use you. He has given you so many gifts and you have taught me much.

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