Family Devotions and Fudgsicle Juice: Guest blog for Joe McGinnis

I’m so happy, because today I get to guest-blog at Joe McGinnis’ site. Joe is a pastor at Fellowship Bible Church, an author,and most importantly, a husband to Aime and a dad to their six children. Joe has developed a concept called In-Gauge Parenting that helps parents understand the unique roles they play throughout a child’s “journey to independence. Fabulous, insightful, helpful information…for all of us!

Joe asked me to write about how each family has unique strengths and struggles. I decided to share a particular struggle I’ve had (and how my son helped me through it…)

Here is part of the post:
billbaseball 002

I have a confession to make:

I am a family devotions failure.

I had such high hopes of…you know…”training my children up in the way they should go.” In fact, I was quite certain that with my teaching background and my solid Protestant upbringing, I would be able to create family devotions that would rival dinner at the Dobson’s house. I envisioned cozy gatherings by the hearth, my children’s rapt attention shining on their little faces as I read aloud from the Bible. I’d grace them with my wisdom and insight, and lovingly encourage their attempts at memorizing whole chapters of Zechariah.

And then I actually had the children.

Click here to read more… and while you’re there, be sure to click around and read more at Joe’s site. You will be encouraged!
And now, I’m going to eat a fudgsicle.


4 thoughts on “Family Devotions and Fudgsicle Juice: Guest blog for Joe McGinnis

  1. I left a message but it didn’t take! 😦 Great job….as always! I love your honesty. ANd thanks for making me chuckle. 🙂 cindi

    From the Desk of Joe and Cindi Ferrini

  2. Oh….so THAT message took! HA! What I initially wrote that didn’t take:
    “I love that Katie encourages me to go the distance no matter how many stops along the journey I need to make to figure out how the next step might look! We all can do it!”

  3. Oh you have done it again. You are such an encourager, Annie and Bill are testaments to your love and “training up”. I love you, too!

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