An Accommodating Advent: Preparing our hearts

A cure for Christmas-“Perfectionitis”

Diving for Pearls

Christmas is coming!

I confess that I tend to get as overly excited about the season as a four year-old. It’s true. I love every little detail…the decorating, baking, selecting gifts, hosting parties. I also struggle with what I call “perfection-itis:” an overwhelming desire for the holidays to look as wonderful as a Martha Stewart magazine cover.

A few years ago, I really hit the wall. I had  four big dinner parties planned at our home, and I busied myself with decorating, food preparations, and creating crafts and games for the children involved. By the time Christmas finally arrived, I was exhausted, teary and edgy…and more than ready for Christmas to be OVER. Much of the holiday had gone quite well. The house looked beautiful, guests were impressed and the kids had fun. My joy, however, was extinguished, and the heaviness in my soul and body led me to truly understand the…

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