Five Facts for Friday {1-31-14}


Oh, Friday…it is so good to see you after a very long, cold week at Jury Duty!

5 Facts for Friday:
1. Jury duty: A tiny bit of Law and Order and a whole lot of study hall.
2. If you happen to be called for jury duty, I hope you have friends like Kelly Montgomery Hoy, who will chauffeur you to the Justice Center, and Molly Priest Gebler who will bring you cake all the way from New York.
3. Texting and Twitter have rendered the scrolling school cancellations on TV practically obsolete.
4. Neil Barringham said, “The grass is always greener where you water it.”
5. Super Bowl! I’m mostly looking forward to chatting with my friends during the game…what’s your favorite Super Bowl-ish thing?

Tomorrow I’ll be teaching at the North Coast District Leadership Academy…maybe I will see you there!

Have a wonderful weekend~


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