KidMin 2017 HOORAY! (and Handouts!)

What a great weekend at the KidMin Conference!KidMin

What an amazing treat to spend time with all of the folks who came to the conference…from Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, the Bahamas, China, and all of the United States. As always, I learned more than I could ever possibly teach from the wise, insightful, energetic friends I met.

A special part of the conference was listening to Max Lucado teach about anxiety, reminding us, “Nothing happens that surprises our Heavenly Father.” What a comfort to me! (He also said, “Life gives us lemons…but we don’t have to suck on them!”) max-lucado-min

As promised, I have linked the handouts from my sessions for those who asked for them. Please feel free to share them with the teams at your churches and programs!

Give Me an A: Autism, Anxiety, and ADHD at Church

GroupKidmin17-AAA -H

Special Needs: Problem-Solving, Programming, and Possibilities


Mental Health Issues That Affect Today’s Families


I hope these will be helpful to you! Please keep in touch, and let me know how you are doing as you continue to serve the wonderful families in your church and community.


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