Five Facts for Friday {11.8.13}

1. A pizza commercial touted “cheeses from Wisconsin.” I thought they said, “Jesus from Wisconsin.” I should have known better. You never hear about “Cheeses from Nazareth.”
2. Yesterday, Matt Lauer and Al Roker had prostate exams on air. This gives a new meaning to a “probing news story.”
3. All kidding aside…GUYS: get your behinds to the doctor. It could save your life.
4. Today, I’m thankful for belly laughs with great friends.
5. Our team is in the playoffs tonight. Where were YOU on Friday nights in high school? (I was in the stands with my friends John and Juanita…or babysitting so I could avoid the game and stay inside!!)

Hope you have a happy weekend, friends!

Five Facts for Friday {11.1.13}


5 Facts for Friday:
1. The Walking Dead zombies sound like they have emphysema or a hair ball.
2. The Akron Aeros minor league baseball team is changing its name to the Rubber Ducks. The owners will spend $5 million to accomplish this. If they’d pay me $5 million, I will change my name to Louise.
3. Happiness=a preschooler who loves his fireman costume so much, he wears it to church.
4. The big Halloween transition: when you decide you’re too cool to carry a plastic pumpkin, and opt to carry your candy in a pillowcase instead.
5. It’s NOVEMBER! What are you most looking forward to this month?

Thankful for YOU~

Five Facts for Friday {8.24.12 edition} + Group KidMin Registration

Hello, friends!
I hope you have had a great week. Yesterday was the first day of school in our little town…so fun to see elementary schoolers with shiny new shoes and great big backpacks eagerly waiting for the bus! And, in our family, our son headed off for his first day of sophomore year, while our daughter continues to pack for college. Time flies!

Just a reminder for anyone who might be interested…the Group KidMin Conference is selling out, but you have an opportunity to save on your registration! Visit this link to learn more. I’m really excited about this conference, and I hope to see you there! (More information in the next couple of weeks!

And now…

Five Facts for Friday
1. There are two bright red leaves on my dogwood tree, telling me that chilly, cozy weather is on the way.
2. Luxury=brand new school supplies.
3. Heard in our house…Annie: “I’m going to miss Bill when I go to college. No matter what, I know he’s always got my back.”
4. Good advice from Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true.”
5. A fun game from my friend Carly Cott: Choose 4 people (living or dead) that you’d like to invite for dinner (religious figures excluded…) I’d invite Harriet Tubman, Katie Couric, Mandy Patinkin and Tom Wetherbee. Who would you choose?