Five Facts for Friday {8.17.12}

Me. Oh. My.

I’ve been a really bad blogger.

I’m sorry…I really am…it’s just that I have several projects in my noggin (very exciting stuff…can’t wait to share it all with you!). I also have two teenagers who are on summer break…and between their summer jobs, social lives, and extra-curricular activities, I’m just plain busy. (like all of you!) Top that off with the fact that my first-born is leaving for college in less than two weeks…Let’s just say that we’re on a first-name basis with the folks at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

So, here is a little fun to start your weekend off right!

Five Facts for Friday:
1. An odd sign of the times: Ping pong balls can be purchased at the grocery store…in the beer aisle.
2. Applause for our friend, Corey Cott , who will be a light to Broadway because of his talent…and a light to the world because of his heart. (And three cheers for his awesome parents: Lori and Rick!)
3. I love the smell of brand new crayons.
4. Thomas Edison said, “If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves….”
5. Favorite back-to-school tradition as a child: Buying new shoes at Nienal’s! How about you??

Enjoy your favorite people this weekend~

Five Facts for Friday {7.27.12 edition}

This weekend brings the Olympic games into our family rooms…for our family, it’s always great fun to watch not only the events, but also the opening ceremonies and the feature stories about the athletes. There is so much richness in uniting cultures for a common purpose!

Hope you are all winding down from this last full week of July…I can’t believe we turn the calendars to August next week! This summer (for us!) is flying by, and school supplies have made their appearance at Target and Office Max…inwardly I’m screaming, “NOT YET!” I want to savor the summer a bit more. How about you?

We still have time for a little more summer fun…starting right now…


1. Apparently, Garnier Fructis has made a shampoo that has caffeine in it. I prefer my hair to be decaffeinated…otherwise, it gets the shakes.
2. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.”
3. Although we have offered to retrofit our 1920’s computer with the Comic Sans font, Annie still prefers to take her new laptop to college. Kids these days.
4. Speaking of kids…it turns out, they really DO grow up too fast.
5. Twenty-two years ago tomorrow, I married Tom. My favorite part of the ceremony (besides the handsome groom!) was the music. What do you like about weddings?


Five Facts for Friday {7.13.12}

Happy Friday, one and all!

It’s been a rather eventful week at our house…Annie’s wisdom teeth came out, Bill began a new summer job while continuing to perform in a local production of “Little Women,” and Tom and I kept busy with work and ministry…we even managed to sneak in a double date with some dear friends!

Hope you are enjoying your summer, too…it seems to be flying too quickly!

And now…

ImageFive Facts for Friday:
1. During the 1979 Miniwanca camper hunt (a leaders vs. campers game of hide and seek), I hid under a fallen pine tree for over an hour in the dark, cold, Michigan night, scoring exactly one point for the Ridge tribe.
2. I wonder what kind of progress we could make if presidential candidates had to donate 10% of their advertising budgets to defray the national deficit.
3. Last week, I dreamt that Matt Lauer was giving me directions to my new job as a copy writer, which totally confirms that I should be working on the Today Show.
4. Great movie: People Like Us.
5.I adore my laptop and (it might sound silly), I am so thankful for my garage door opener. What’s your favorite modern technology?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends~