Will she ever blog again?

Me oh my.

I can scarcely bear to look back to determine when I last posted a real, live, original, hopefully-helpful, possibly entertaining blog post.

I think I will, in the spirit of good, old fashioned denial, NOT look back. No good can come from that.

But, have no fear.

I have not vanished from the blogosphere.

I have simply been distracted by some very happy summer happenings…

and one uncooperative computer that I fear is dying a slow, non-warranty-covered death.

But rest assured, I am thinking about you and promise to post some new material soon.

Until then, enjoy the slower pace of summer.
Buy a frivolous magazine.
Take the dog for a walk.
Listen to the crickets.
Eat a BLT and some corn on the cob.
Watch a favorite movie.
Make s’mores.
Play kick the can.
Pick some daisies.


and finally…Downshift a little. Take some time for yourself, and REST: “Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.”  ~John Lubbock

E N J O Y…


Five Facts for Friday {6.15.12 edition}

Hi there, everyone!
Hope you have had a good week…

We are in our summer routine now, which is vastly different with teenagers than it was when the kids were little. Work schedules structure the day rather than swim lessons, and I’m behind the wheel often as I get everyone to the right place. Hope you are off to a good start, too!

And now…

Five Facts for Friday
1. Every time I turn on the faucet, clean water flows out instantly. I’m rich.
2. The Obamas were at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house last night. Justin Bieber is singing at Rockefeller Center. I’m at home, making pulled pork, but Matt Lauer didn’t mention this during his report.
3. A man in Connecticut called 911 because he didn’t like how the deli made his sandwich. I think he ma…y have missed the class about emergencies at Safety Town.
4, I think when couples have been married for 20+ years, they should have another wedding shower…my tea towels and cooking utensils are looking a bit shabby. I’ll let you know where I’m registered.
5. Current favorite part of summer: No homework for my kids. How about you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Weekly Wrap and 5 Facts

Hope everyone has had a great week! Here are some highlights from our home and ministry…

  • Our Key Team is planning some fun JAM Sessions in 2012…stay tuned for scheduling to see if we’ll be in your area (or contact us if you’re interested in having us come and work in your city!)
  • Tomorrow, Rebecca Hamilton and I, along with Rebecca’s daughter, Abby and my daughter, Annie, will be teaching at JANUARY THAW (Cleveland Catholic Diocese.) The topic: Out of the Box Outreach.
  • The kids have begun a new semester…I think everyone likes a fresh start!
  • Listened to Margot Starbuck on Midday Connection this week…our family is reading Margot’s book, Small Things With Great Love: Adventures in Loving your Neighbor. HIGHLY recommend this!! (Margot and I went to the same camp when we were kids, and I was so happy to learn about what she is doing!)

And now…

5 Facts for Friday:

1. I did not win a Golden Globe this year. So disappointing.
2. Regarding regulations for network television, the Supreme Court commented, “One cannot tell what is indecent and what isn’t.” Really? Maybe we should get some kindergartners on the high court…I’m pretty sure they know the difference.
3. Pot roast on a snowy evening = pure comfort.
4. Congrats to my fabulous in-laws, Winslow and Barbara Wetherbee, who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this week!
5. Sometimes parenting requires heroic acts of trust and courage.

Have a warm weekend~