Five Facts for Friday {8.24.12 edition} + Group KidMin Registration

Hello, friends!
I hope you have had a great week. Yesterday was the first day of school in our little town…so fun to see elementary schoolers with shiny new shoes and great big backpacks eagerly waiting for the bus! And, in our family, our son headed off for his first day of sophomore year, while our daughter continues to pack for college. Time flies!

Just a reminder for anyone who might be interested…the Group KidMin Conference is selling out, but you have an opportunity to save on your registration! Visit this link to learn more. I’m really excited about this conference, and I hope to see you there! (More information in the next couple of weeks!

And now…

Five Facts for Friday
1. There are two bright red leaves on my dogwood tree, telling me that chilly, cozy weather is on the way.
2. Luxury=brand new school supplies.
3. Heard in our house…Annie: “I’m going to miss Bill when I go to college. No matter what, I know he’s always got my back.”
4. Good advice from Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true.”
5. A fun game from my friend Carly Cott: Choose 4 people (living or dead) that you’d like to invite for dinner (religious figures excluded…) I’d invite Harriet Tubman, Katie Couric, Mandy Patinkin and Tom Wetherbee. Who would you choose?

It’s MAY(hem)

Hi everybody!
I’m sorry for my absence from the blogosphere! To be honest, the reason is April Showers…we’ve had a month-full of ministry opportunities, including some extra writing projects, two out-of-town-conferences, planning for more JAM Sessions, and some wonderful chances to chat with some VERY enthusiastic pastors and volunteers. So…my blog has taken a  back seat. However, the April Showers will hopefully be bearing lots of flowers (or, in Biblical terms, fruit!) So excited to share new ideas and materials with you in the coming weeks and months.

The other reason is that my computer has taken ill.  It’s making good progress, and we are seeing definite signs of improvement. However, my operating systems are toast, hence no pictures or graphics in this post. Sorry about that.

This month, I’m going to be welcoming you to my “Mother ‘hood.” I’ve gathered an amazing group of women who are raising exceptional children. Each of them is an encouragment to me and I’m a better mom (and a better person) for knowing them. I know they’ll enrich your ministry (and your parenting) as well.

I’ll also be updating you on some opportunities for training. We love to meet new friends when we’re on the road, and we will be traveling quite a bit over the next few months. AND…we’ve had some great fun during the past month. I’ll post pictures from some of our adventures and tell you what we learned.

As the title for this post indicates, May is, for me, the BUSIEST month of the year. It rivals Christmas time, I believe, with the intensity of schedules, end-of-school-year concerts and ceremonies, and  Memorial Day festivities. This week alone, our family has four concerts, a seminar, a service project, a missions meeting and youth group on the docket. See what I mean? May(hem). (I know it’s the same for you, too).

And…this year, we have a brand new set of responsibilities related to one very big word:

In less than one month, we’ll be sitting in the stadium, listening to “Pomp and Circumstance” and watching Annie receive her diploma.

People ask me, “How are you handling this?”


I cry periodically, with no warning whatsoever.
I have a strange lump in my throat that can only be attributed to a mixture of pride and nostalgia.
I’m overwhelmed.
I’m overjoyed.
I’m overtired.

I’m thankful.

That about sums it up…for now.

This blog post has been a bit all-over-the-place. But I told you why…

It’s MAY(hem).

One day at a time, everybody.


We’re spreading JAM~ come join us!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Have a look at these people:

They’re having good fun, because they recently participated in a Key Ministry JAM Session.

Don’t feel left out…YOU can have this much fun, too…

In case you didn’t know, a JAM Session helps you to Jumpstart an All-inclusive Ministry.

Our team is really excited about our next JAM Session, and we hope you’ll join us…

Saturday, February 11
8:30 am- 4:00 pm
Painesville Assembly of God
Painesville, OH


8:30 am     Continental breakfast

8:45 am     Welcome & Introductions

9:00 am     Overview of the day, goals and objectives

9:15 am     Disabilities 101

10:00 am     Logistics: Program Options, Volunteer Recruitment and Safety

11:00 am     Break

11:15 am     Modifying Curriculum and Managing Behavior

12:15 pm     Lunch

1:30 pm     Communicating with—and Equipping—Parents

2:30 pm     Make-it-and-Take-It

3:30 pm     Q & A

4:00 pm     Closing prayer

Please join us! Contact me if you’d like to register!

As with all of our Key Ministry services, the JAM Session training is free. The church is providing lunch for a small fee, or you are welcome to bring a brown-bag lunch with you.

See you at JAM!