Family Devotions and Fudgsicle Juice: Guest blog for Joe McGinnis

I’m so happy, because today I get to guest-blog at Joe McGinnis’ site. Joe is a pastor at Fellowship Bible Church, an author,and most importantly, a husband to Aime and a dad to their six children. Joe has developed a concept called In-Gauge Parenting that helps parents understand the unique roles they play throughout a child’s “journey to independence. Fabulous, insightful, helpful information…for all of us!

Joe asked me to write about how each family has unique strengths and struggles. I decided to share a particular struggle I’ve had (and how my son helped me through it…)

Here is part of the post:
billbaseball 002

I have a confession to make:

I am a family devotions failure.

I had such high hopes of…you know…”training my children up in the way they should go.” In fact, I was quite certain that with my teaching background and my solid Protestant upbringing, I would be able to create family devotions that would rival dinner at the Dobson’s house. I envisioned cozy gatherings by the hearth, my children’s rapt attention shining on their little faces as I read aloud from the Bible. I’d grace them with my wisdom and insight, and lovingly encourage their attempts at memorizing whole chapters of Zechariah.

And then I actually had the children.

Click here to read more… and while you’re there, be sure to click around and read more at Joe’s site. You will be encouraged!
And now, I’m going to eat a fudgsicle.


Just Wait…again…

Anniekindergarten 001

According to my blog stats, this post, written just over a year ago, has been making the rounds again via social media. It gives me so much joy to know that it’s a comfort to those in the trenches of new parenthood, as well as a happy reminder to those in other ages-and-stages of parenting of a fleeting and precious time.

I have loved hearing from so many of you as you reflect on your own “just waits.” Some of the comments, from moms and dads who are a stage ahead of me, with now-adult children, gave me great perspective as I travel through these teen years with my own kids.

I’d love to write a new post to share some of these, and I want you to be part of it! Leave a comment here on the blog, or email me with your ideas and thoughts. You will get full credit, of course…or I’ll keep your identity confidential, if you would prefer.

Think of the encouragement we can offer–together–through sharing our “joyful just-waits!”

I’ll be “just waiting” for your responses… 🙂

PS You will notice that “Our Family’s Story” is now password protected…it’s just the “age and stage” we’re in! I am happy to share the password with you, particularly if you are a parent of a child with special needs. Please email me for information.

No Stranger to Brokenness: a guest post for Gillian Marchenko

I’m so pleased and thankful to be guest posting at Gillian Marchenko’s blog today. I’m also thankful to have met Gillian (through our mutual friend, Shannon Dingle.) I love Gillian’s honesty and humor, as well as her heart-felt passion for families affected by disabilities. You’ll love her, too! Be sure you click through her blog and stay awhile; she has so much to share and teach.

Here’s what I shared over at Gillian’s site…

No Stranger to Brokenness

I glanced out my home office window, and saw my 12 year-old.

Her snow hat was askew and her back was hunched under the weight of her backpack, filled to overflowing with binders and books. I noticed that she was clutching a package with both arms, cradling it protectively. On her face, a look of panic and distress belied her purposeful, quick gait.

I opened the door and, seeing the unshed tears in her eyes, knew that something had gone horribly wrong.

She began to sob, still clutching the precious package….

Please click here for the rest of the story.