Learning + School

As former special education teacher, and as the mom of two fabulous kids (each with unique strengths and needs…), I know how important successful school experiences are. In this section of the site, we’ll talk about learning, strategies for homework and projects, and effective advocacy. Have an idea to share? Please send it along, or leave a comment…I’d love to hear what’s working for you in the classroom!

Learn about Learning
All Children Can Learn, Given Enough Time by Jolene Philo
The Importance of Being Playful published in Currents News, 12/05
Strategies to Improve Your Child’s Learning published in Currents News, 10/06
Math Education Encourages Thinking Outside the Box published in Currents News, 2/06
Children of All Ages Benefit from Involved Grandparents published in Currents News, 2/07

Advocacy and Educational Planning

“…but I don’t want to be THAT Mother…” Addressing a Common Fear for Parents
Team WORK: Transitioning from School to Employment
Meet my Child: Proactive Partnering in One Page
Creating a Reliable Network ~published in Currents News, August 2007
Diagnosing Problems Takes Time, Team Approach ~ published in Currents News, 10/05
Does Your Child Have a Disability?~ published in Cleveland/Akron Family Magazine, Nov. 2005
Steps to Successful School Conferences ~ published in Cleveland/Akron Family Magazine, Feb. 2006
College Planning for Kids with Learning Disabilities ~ published in Cleveland/Akron Family Magazine, April 2006

Try This! Learning Strategies That Work
Homework Help: Tile Trekking

2 thoughts on “Learning + School

  1. Wow! I’m so glad I found your blog! As a special education teacher and mom to one (for now), I feel like I’ve got a lot of reading to do on your site (hope you don’t mind!) Nice to meet you!

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