Great Gifts: The Key Catalog

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

keys I really love to choose gifts for the folks in my life! And, since you all are a big part of my life, I want to share the gift of good information with you. This month, I’m going to be sharing some great products, books and services that you can give as gifts! I know you’ll find these ideas just right for someone in your ministry or family.

Today’s idea:

The Key Catalog

As you know, Key Ministry provides direct training and consultation to churches across the United States (and all over the globe!) Through our services, we help pastors and volunteers understand how disabilities affect children’s learning, behavior and spiritual development. We also extend our training to include information on how special needs impact parents and siblings. This year alone, we have traveled to 10 states for live training, and our blogs and resources have reached over 131 countries.Our training is free of charge to churches, because we don’t want cost to be a barrier to inclusion.

Would you like to sponsor a training for a church or network of churches? We’d love to include YOU in our ministry through the opportunity of sponsorship. When you give through the Key Catalog, you provide solid, research-based training to churches…and as a result, you open the church doors to families affected by disabilities who might not have been able to attend.

And that is an everlasting gift.

Please click over to the Key Catalog and partner with us in this great adventure of inclusion!